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Our Process

Streamlining Tasks to Improve Efficiency

Our Web Site Design and Development Process:

Analyze & Gather Information

Initial step for a well-turned web site is to analyze & gather information regarding what has to be done. This is most important and get awareness goals and purpose.

Design Architecture

Very important to decide what technologies should be implemented. Decide suitable framework for design and front UI. Complete UI stuffs are discussed when planning the web site.

Design, Development & Testing

We are firstly deliver and approved designing ideas with the client until and unless they are satisfied. After that work on actual development and prefer to use third party tools for automatic testing.


This phase is to deploy applications into production environments. Client should input and verify data, configure and test system and specially security.


We are providing support at the end to make changes to improve a system’s performance, fix issues, improve security. We keep care that changes do not affect operations and degrade a performance.